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DA-1000PRO Product Image

Vocopro DA-1000Pro

Professional 3 Mic Digital Echo Mixer
$149.00 , Free shipping  ( in U.S. 48 states) 

or call toll free 1-888-9527265 ( US only ) or 310-5441828 to order

Form and Function at it's best!
The DA-1000 Pro is the newest member to our line of professional karaoke mixers. Like it's big brother the DA-1050 Pro, the DA-1000 Pro sports the latest features desired by both professional and home karaoke enthusiasts alike. With Digital Echo, Delay and Repeat controls, Vocal Cancel and Partner functions, the DA-1000 Pro is a powerhouse of features! And if expandability is what you are looking for, look no more! The DA-1000 Pro will give you 3 additional microphone inputs, 2 extra A/V inputs and 3 extra video outputs, all for a price as slim as its rack space saving construction!

Check Out These Features:

  • Professional Digital Echo with Separate Repeat and Delay Controls per Mic channel
  • 3 Microphone inputs w/ individual Volume controls and Echo On/Off Switches
  • Vocal Cancel and Vocal Partner features to delete/add guide vocals on Multiplex Karaoke Tapes and CD's
  • Music Master/Bass/Treble controls
  • Mic Master/Bass/Treble controls
  • Source/Left/Right Level Output Displays
  • CD+G and DVD input/output jacks
  • Excellent add-on for expanding karaoke systems
  • Included mounting bracket's for rack mounting
  • Compact 1-space design saves valuable rack space
  • 110/220V AC Toggle switch
  • Dimensions: 19" (W) x 6" (D) x 1 3/4" (H)

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    DA-1050PRO Product Image
    Vocopor DA-1055Pro
    Professional 6 MIC Digital Echo Mixer/Parametric Equalizer
    $199.00 , Free shipping ( in U.S. 48 states) 
    or call toll free 1-888-9527265 ( US only ) or 310-5441828 to order
    Microphone Mixer, digital Echo, Graphics and Parametric Equalizer in One Rack Space!
    DA-1055 Pro has the latest features both professional and the home karaoke enthusiast demands. 
    Six microphone inputs with three volume controls allows up to six people singing at the same time. The professional digital echo with digital delay and repeat controls helps the singer sound great! The duel seven band stereo equalizer allows for the precise room tuning of the music. The three band parametric equalizer for the microphones feature sweep mid-range control to lift particular characteristics of the vocal or suppress for feedback elimination. The VocoPro Da-1050 Pro is your ultimate choice for great karaoke entertainment made of professional quality with an entry level price tag.
    • 3 Dual-Input Mic Preamplifiers Accommodate a Total of 6 Microphones (3 Front, 3 Rear) 
    • 3-Band Parametric Equalizer for Microphones, Features Sweep-Midrange Control to Lift Particular Characteristics of the Vocal or Suppressed for Feedback Elimination 
    • Digital Echo with Repeat and Delay Controls Help Singers Sound Great! 
    • Dual 7 Band Stereo Equalizer for Precise Room Tuning 
    • Dual-Source Audio/Video Input Connects to DVD, CDG or Cassette Players 
    • Vocal Cancel Feature Eliminates Guide Vocal on Multiples CD or Cassette Tapes 
    • Compact 1-Space Design Saves Valuable Rack Space 
    • 110/220V AC Mains Switchable Power 
    • Perfect Add on for CDG and DVD Players 
    • Dimensions: 17 1/4" (W) x 6" (D) x 2 1/4" (H)


    DA-2200PRO Product Photo
    Digital Key Control Karaoke Mixer
    $289.00 , Free shipping ( in U.S. 48 states) 
    or call toll free 1-888-9527265 ( US only ) or 310-5441828 to order
    Hook this professional digital Karaoke mixer up to your existing DVD, CD+G, LaserDisc or CD player and add the excitement of Karaoke to your sound system today! With it's wide variety of excellent Karaoke functions, you'll be ready hit the stage like a star.


    • 11 step digital Key-controller
    • Professional digital echo with repeat and delay controls 
    • Multi audio control
    • Twin stereo audio/video inputs allow two separate A/V sources to be used
    • Music bass, treble and volume controls
    • Microphone master, bass and treble controls
    • Six mic inputs with three separate volume controls
    • 19" rack mountable design
    • Echo on/off switch on all three mic channels
    • 110/220V Switchable

    DA-2200PRO Product Photo
    Vocopro DA-X10Pro
    World's First Karaoke Mixer With Vocal Enhancer
    $349.00 , free shipping ( in U.S. 48 states) 

    or call toll free 1-888-9527265 ( US only ) or 310-5441828 to order

    Vocal expression is essential to any great Karaoke performance. With it, singers can make you "feel" what they are feeling, impacting you long after the performance is over. How does one attain this vocal expression? The answer is complete control over vocal dynamics like tone, texture and sibilance.

    With the DA-X10 PRO you can fine tune particular aspects of your voice, through controlling high and low frequency contouring, range of tonal concentration and top and bottom processing of vocal strength. Whether you need to "fatten up" your vocal signal or brighten it for crisp sibilance, the results are just a few adjustments away.

    So, if you are seeking to unleash the full-potential of your vocal performances and seek to experience vocal dynamic control, go with the DA-X10 PRO by VocoPro!

  • Vocal Enhancer with High/Low Contour, Frequency and Process controls for optimized
    vocal reproduction and rich, vibrant sound
  • 13-step Digital Key Controller for transposing the key of source music to fit the natural
    range of your voice
  • Digital Echo, Repeat and Delay controls add depth to Vocals
  • Full function Remote Control for ease of operation
  • Three Microphone Inputs with individual Volume controls
  • Dimensions: 19" (W) x 9" (D) x 4.5" (H)




    VOCOPRO KJ-6000

    Digital Karaoke Mixer with Digital Key Control
    $259.00 plus shipping (Free shipping  in U.S. 48 states) 

    or call toll free 1-888-9527265 ( US only ) or 310-5441828 to order

    Our Newest Member to the Popular KJ/DJ Mixer Series is Here!

    WE PACKED THE POWER OF OUR KJ MIXERS INTO A SMALLER PACKAGE! VocoPro brought you the world's first versatile KJ/DJ mixer. Our customers wanted an affordable, easy to use mixer that offered many of the features and the same ruggedness of our popular KJ series in a compact design. We simplified all the things you love about our KJ mixers at half the size and an unbeatable price. It's packed with features that will amaze any home Karaoke or DJ enthusiast. VocoPro is bringing the power of the club system to your Karaoke or dance party.

    Finally, with the KJ-6000 you can cue or crossface like a pro between two separate music sources AND get the same great Echo effects and Key Control that VocoPro is known for. DJs will get a kick out of using the Key Control for a cool effect to change their voice, too. We didn't forget to include Vocal Partner for use with Multiplex CDs, a Video selector, and plenty of outputs. There's even a Vocal Eliminator feature which can remove the vocals in the center of a mix on a professionally recorded CD, leaving little or no trace so you can replace them with our own! That can turn a standard CD into a Karaoke CD instantly and also expand your remixing possibilities. Here's the bonus: a total of four microphone inputs, including an XLR, mixed by 2 separate Level, Equalization, and Echo control panels. It's like having at least 2 extra channels!

    Closet DJs are now going to be the star of the show when they exhibit their mixing skills and Karaoke performance all from the same board, and the best part is the price won't break the bank. You won't need much technical know-how to operate this simple mixer, either. That's the versatility of the KJ-6000, designed to get up-and-coming DJs started and enable professional KJs to make the party more mobile than ever. Contact your VocoPro dealer today and take the KJ-6000 for a spin!

    • 2 channels with a total of 4 input choices, CD/PHONO and AV each
    • Professional style crossfader
    • 4 microphone inputs, including one XLR and three 1/4"
    • 2 separate mixed LEVEL and EQ controls; one control panel for each pair of mics/ adds the equivalent of 2 additional channels
    • ECHO and KEY CONTROL switchability for each mic pair
    • On-board video selection toggle for easy video switching
    • 2 video inputs and 2 video outputs for multi-screen video options
    • Key Controller with jog dial
    • Digital Echo with Repeat and Delay controls for vocal enhancement.
    • Vocal Cancel and Partner Modes for Multiplex recordings
    • Vocal Eliminator Mode for Standard CD vocal cancellation (results may vary with each CD)
    • DSP Effect Pre-sets for musical enhancement
    • 3-Band Graphic Equalizer for precision room tuning
    • RCA Master 1 and 2 outputs and Record outputs for total integration with your system
    • Headphone jack for professional quality cues, previewing, and practicing


    KJM-8000 PLUS Product Image
    Vocopro KJ-7808 RV
    Professional KJ/DJ/VJ Mixer with DSP Mic Effect and Digital Key Control and Built In 7 Band Graphic Equalizer

    $499.00 plus shipping (Free shipping  in U.S. 48 states) 

    or call toll free 1-888-9527265 ( US only ) or 310-5441828 to order

    • Professional grade KJ, DJ and VJ mixer with Video Select Toggle/Crossfader
    • DSP Vocal Reverb with Level control
    • Two Main video outputs plus one more for use with a monitor (RCA)
    • DSP Vocal Echo with Level, Repeat and Delay controls
    • Crossfader and video toggle in-one automatically switches video when fading between audio channels
    • 4 microphone channels, each with Master volume sliders and Gain, Bass, Treble and DSP Level controls
    • 5-Band Graphic Equalizer for best fidelity and precision tuning
    • 3 A/V channels each with gain control, volume slider and illuminating signal meter
    • Assignable vocal effects Send/Return channel with Send and Return level controls
    • Assignable 11-step Digital Key Controller
    • Vocal Cancel and Vocal Partner for use with Multiplex CDs
    • Vocal Eliminator reduces or removes vocals from standard CDs
    • LED Output Level Display meter
    • Talkover function with automatic mode
    • Headphone jack with level control
    • 12V DJ lamp jack for professional production
    • 19" rack mountable, requiring only 6 spaces


    • 4 XLR / ¼” microphone
    • 3 L/R RCA audio
    • 3 L/R RCA stereo CD (CD1, CD2, CD3)
    • 3 L/R RCA stereo Phono (PHONO1, PHONO2, PHONO3)
    • 3 RCA video (AV1, AV2, AV3)
    • 1 Remote key control (1/8”)


    • 1 Balanced L/R XLR Master
    • 1 Unbalanced L/R RCA Master
    • 1 L/R RCA Record out
    • 1 L/R RCA Auxiliary audio (A/V channels)
    • 1 ¼” microphone (Mono)
    • 1 L.R RCA Booth
    • 2 RCA video (Main)
    • 1 RCA video (monitor)
    • 1 ¼” headphone

    a Great Add on for DVD, Laser Disc or Any Audio/Video Player to turn into a Karaoke System

    The Audio2000'S AKM7015 key & digital echo karaoke mixer is an  easy-to-use, yet sophisticated entertainment equipment designed and built with the goal of total entertainment. A rack-mount kit is included in the AKM7015 package to have the AKM7015 be a rack-mountable unit.

    The AKM7015 kwy & digital echo karaoke mixer features two microphone inputs and two music source  inputs.  Up to two microphone inputs can be mixed with one of the two music sources. There is a master volume control knob to control the overall sound level.  Two individual microphone volume control knobs are featured to adjust each microphone volume individually so that various loudness of individual voice can be compensated as desired.  Both the microphone input sound and the music source input sound can have the tone adjusted through a treble tone control knob and a bass tone control knob respectively. 

    The AKM7015 key & digital echo karaoke mixer further features an echo control function,  and a voice canceling function ( not for regular audio CDs) .  The echo control function enables the users to control or adjust the echo volume, the echo delay, and/or the echo repeat. The voice canceling function enhances the users' entertainment capacity by allowing users to remove the multiplexed vocal sound from the background music as desired.

    The AKM7015 key & digital echo karaoke mixer has been engineered for high quality sound with a wide dynamic range, low noise level.  This is achieved with great attention to various product development stages, from the early product planning stage, through the high quality circuit design stage, to the final production stage with strict component selection. All of these make the AKM7015 key & digital echo karaoke mixer an enjoyable karaoke entertainment vehicle for all the users. 
    Features Configured To Be User Friendly

    • Digital Echo Control: Vol/Repeat/Delay-time
    • Digital Key Control
    • Two Microphone Inputs
    • Two (2) Individual Microphone Volume Controls
    • Microphone Tone Control (Treble/Bass)
    • Master Volume Control
    • Music Balance, Bass, Treble Control
    • Multiplex
    • Record Out, Pre-out
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (IEC-A): 95dB

    • Two Input Source Selections 
    $149.00 plus shipping (Free shipping  in U.S. 48 states) 
    or call toll free 1-888-9527265 ( US only ) or 310-5441828 to order
    AUDIO 2000
    a Great Add on for DVD, Laser Disc or Any Audio/Video Player to turn into a Karaoke System

    -13 Step Key Changer 
    -Digital Echo 
    -6 Mic Inputs( 3 front, 3 rear ) 
    -Sound Effect Ins and Outs 
    -Bass and Treble Control for Music Tone 
    -Bass and Treble Control for Mic Tone 
    -Repeat and Delay Control for Echo 
    -4 Audio Inputs 
    -3 Video Inputs 
    -Remote Control


    or call toll free 1-888-9527265 ( US only ) or 310-5441828 to order