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Martin Ranger HD-DVD880 HDMI USB Karaoke DVD Player, 2 Wired Microphones

Record and convert to SD or USB drive:

CDG with your voice to MP3+G, VCD/CD with your voice to MP3

4GB SD or USB can store 900 songs in MP3+G format

This karaoke player HD-DVD880 plays most of discs.  You can record your singing with a CD+G or MP3+G track and it will rip the graphic when it is recording.  You can "record" all your performances to the memory card. Once you are done recording, you can review your performance or send the track to your friends or post on-line.

You no longer need an expensive PC and a special CD-ROM to convert your discs to MP3+G tracks.

With the CD+G to MP3+G converting function, you can rip any of your favorite tracks to a memory card and you can backup your disc forever without the need of the original CD to play your track.

MP3+G is the most popular downloaded karaoke format. It enables you to compress the file to about 10% of its original size and you can transfer and play on any PC. Most KJ/DJs also use this format for their gigs.


Package Includes:

Martin Ranger DVD-880 with 2 karaoke mics $149.00 ( free shipping in Continental USA )

or call toll free 1-888-9527265 ( US only ) or 310-5441828 to order
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Click Here to see  karaoke discs for this machine

Vocopro karaoke player


Multi-Format USB/DVD/CD+G Karaoke Player

The DVX-668K Multi-Format disc player from VocoPro is packed with features and compatible with the most popular media formats. Play CD+G discs for Karaoke performances, listen to your favorite CDs and MP3s, view a slideshow of your digital photographs or watch movies on DVD or in DivX format. The USB connection on the front panel allows you to play your digital files from a USB thumb-drive. Connect to your audio system via 5.1 surround sound or digital audio through optical or coaxial outputs. The DVX-668K is a valuable asset to a performance set up or home entertainment center, providing plenty of versatility and playback options for any application.

  • Multi-format disc player reads DVD, CD, CD+G, Mp3, HDCD, and VCD
  • USB thumb drive playback*
  • 2 microphone 1/4" input channels with individual volume controls
  • 5.1 channel digital surround sound
  • Digital Echo gives vocals that hard-to-find professional sound
  • Full-function remote control
  • PAL/NTSC compatible for worldwide use
  • Shipping Dimensions: 19 1/2" (L) x 12 1/4" (W) x 5 1/2" (H)
    Shipping Weight: 9 lbs

  • Vocopro DVX-668K  $139.00 ( free shipping in Continental USA) 
    or call toll free 1-888-9527265 ( US only ) or 310-5441828 to order
    Click Here to see CDG karaoke song packs for this machine
    Click Here to see  karaoke discs for this machine

    The Newset Technology in Karaoke - Super CDG -
    hundreds and thousands of CD+G karaoke songs in each single disc. HOT !!


    DVD/ SCDG/ CDG (CD+G)/ MPEC-4 Karaoke Player with USB

    DVD-203G is the next generation of DVD Karaoke player that plays DVD, MPEG-4, VCD, Super CD+G, CD+G, HDCD, and CD. It has luxury additions such as the Direct Access Numeric Buttons and Indepedent Volume Controls for the dual microphone mixer, on top of Progressive Scan, Multi-region, Digital Dolby 5.1, DTS, etc, and allow you to play from a USB drive! Play from a disc or Plug and Play from USB storage!

    Package included

    • 1 x 200 song CDG disc
    • CAVS  Professional Microphone
    • Remote Control
    • AV Cable
    • User's Manual


    The CAVS 203G USB Player is designed to be an all purpose machine.
    • Play DVD, MPEG4, Video CD, CDG, HDCD, and audio CD Discs!
    • Play SCDG, INX, and INX2 Karaoke Discs
    • Play AVI, JPEG, Kodak, and MP3 Files
    • Supports CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL formats
    • Supports FAT32 USB Memory Drives (Hard drives + Flash Drives)
    • Direct Access Control Buttons
    • Dual Microphone Iputs with Independent Volume Controls
    • Echo Control
    • Digital Key and Tempo Control
    • Voice Cancel
    • Progressive Scan
    • Dolby AC-3 5.1 Channels with built in decoder
    • DTS Digital Out
    • Composite, Component, S-Video, VGA, Scart Video Output!
    • Optical and Coaxial Digital Output
    • Stereo Mix-down
    • Multi-angle, Multi-subtitle, Zoom, and other functions
    • Multi-region Player
    • NTSC / PAL
    • Free Voltage 110V-220V


    • Compatible Discs: DVD / VCD / SCDG / CD+G / CD / CD+R / CD+RW / DVD+R / DVD+RW / MP3 / MPEG4 / JPEG / Kodak Photo CD
    • Power Supply: AC 110V - 220V
    • Video Mode: Composite, Component, S-Video, SVGA, Scart video outputs
    • Audio Mode: Dolby AC-3 5.1 CH, DTS, Stereo Mixdown
    • Dimensions: 17" (W) x 9 3/4 " (D) X 2 1/4 "(H)
    • Weight: 7 1/2 Lbs.
    • Operating Temperature: 41-95F (5-35C)
    • Operating Humidity: 25-80%
    CAVS DVD-203G-USB $239.00 ( free shipping in Continental USA ) SOLD OUT
    or call toll free 1-888-9527265 ( US only ) or 310-5441828 to order
    comes with a CAVS pro mic and 200 song Super CDG disc

    DVG-777K III NEW

    Multi-Format USB/DVD/CD+G Karaoke Player

    The DVG-777K III is a full featured multi-format karaoke and DVD player. With enhanced USB and SD card capabilities, you can easily access your digital music and video both at home and on the go. The DVG-777K III has been updated and now supports MP3+G!

  • Multi-format disc player reads DVD, CD, CD+G, Mp3+G, Mp3, and VCD
  • USB flash drive and SD card playback*
  • Two 1/4" microphone inputs with individual volume controls
  • Cue mode cues each track for professional karaoke performance
  • 5.1 channel digital surround sound pre-outs
  • Direct track access
  • Digital echo gives vocals that hard to find professional sound
  • Full function remote control
  • PAL/NTSC compatible for worldwide use
  • *SD card and USB flash drive not included

  • Actual Unit Dimensions: 17" (W) x 10" (D) x 2.25" (H)
  • Actual Unit Weight: 4.6 lbs
  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 19.5" (W) x 11.23" (D) x 4.5" (H)
  • Shipping Weight: 7 lbs
  • Rear Panel Connections:
    Component (Y/Pb/Pr) video outputs
    RCA video output
    Coaxial digital audio output
    Optical digital audio output
    RCA 5.1 channel audio output

  • Vocopro DVG-777KIII $249.00 ( free shipping in Continental USA )
    or call toll free 1-888-9527265 ( US only ) or 310-5441828 to order

    DVG-480K Product Image
    5 Disc DVD/CDG/VCD/MP3/MP4/Photo-CD
    Karaoke Changer

    The DVG-555K supports the most popular Karaoke formats such as DVD, CDG, VCD and even the latest, MP4. That means you can load five MP4 CDG discs with up to 500 songs on each disc. The Play & Exchange feature lets you remove up to 4 discs while one is still playing and we’ve added a Locking mechanism to the 5-disc tray for trouble-free transport. With the popular Karaoke features VocoPro is famous for, like Digital Key Control and Professional Digital Echo, the DVG-555K will be the best sounding investment in your system. You can even hook it up to a Dolby Pro-Logic 5.1 system for the ultimate home entertainment.

    Excellent Features:

    • Multi Format Player supports DVD, MP3, CD, CD+G, VCD, CD-R/RW and even MP4
    • Allows you to change up to 4 discs WHILE a disc is still playing.
    • 2 Microphone inputs with individual Volume controls
    • ±7 half-step Digital Key Controller
    • Echo, Bass, and Treble controls for vocal enhancement
    • Direct track access controls.
    • Full-function remote control for ease of operation of all system features
    • PAL/NTSC switchable
    • Audio Outputs: 5.1 Channel, Digital Coaxial, Digital Optical, and 2 (RCA) Stereo L/R
    • Video Outputs: Component (Y/Cb/Cr) Video, Composite RCA, S-Video, VGA and SCART.
    Vocopro DVG-555K $299.00 - SOLD OUT
    or call toll free 1-888-9527265 ( US only ) or 310-5441828 to order

    DVX Series

    Tired of scrambling to change discs at your parties song after song? Are you one of the many KJs or DJs trying to reduce your load for each show, but don’t want to come up short for a track request? What if you could squeeze hundreds of high-quality audio/video files onto one disc so you didn’t need to lug all those crates of music? This kind of compilation potential is finally a reality thanks to the arrival of our new series of DivX®-integrated multiformat players!

    DivX® is the latest technology out that allow you to compress CDG, VCD, DVD or just about any audio/video disc or file format into small and highly manageable files. How small? This compression is so efficient, you can easily covert an average 300 disc library into one 24 disc CD-wallet!

    That's not all our DVX players can do for you! Computer & movie enthusiasts can now bring their movie and video clip collections from their computers to the comforts of their home entertainment rooms by compiling their files to DivX®-formatted discs. This means playback in full glory with the audio and video quality only home entertainment systems can offer.

    VocoPro is proud to present the DVX series. First is the DVX-580G, our most affordable multiformat player in the DVX line with remote controllable Digital Key Control. The next in line is the DVX 680K which adds 2 Microphone Inputs, mixed Volume level and Echo effect as well as SCART and VGA video outputs. Finally we have the DVX-780K, our most advanced design with front panel accessible Digital Key Controller and track programmability, 2 Microphone Inputs with individual Volume controls, SCART and VGA outputs, and of course our famous Echo effect..

    Whether you are a working KJ/DJ, a Karaoke enthusiast, a music & movie buff, or just someone who likes to get the most performance for their dollar, the DVX line of players is sure to satisfy your needs and make things a whole lot easier too!

    With a PC and a few downloads, creating DivX® discs is simple and fun. Click on the links below to find out how to get started converting your audio/video files to DivX® format.

    DivX® Website

    Converting Files to DivX ® Format

    Multi-Format Digital Key Control Karaoke DVD/DivX® Player


    • Direct access multi-format disc player supports DVD, DivX®, VCD, CDG, MP3, PHOTO-CD, and CD/DVD-R RW formats for unparalleled media entertainment compatibility.
    • Experience the convenience of a jukebox on a disc, enjoying hours of selected audio/video files from custom DivX® discs, each capable of holding hundreds of DVD quality audio/video files
      (PC required for creating DivX®
    • Digital Key Controller accessible from front panel for changing the key of the music to fit your vocal range
    • Intergrated Karaoke Mic Mixer with two Microphone Inputs, individual Volume controls & Digital Echo
    • Track programmability accessible from front panel
    • Built in Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Dolby DTS decoders for cinema sound quality
    • Full-function remote control for ease of operation of all system features
    • Progressive Scan
    • Audio Outputs: 5.1 Channel, Stereo L/R, Digital Coaxial, Digital Optical
    • Video Outputs: Y, Cb, Cr, Composite RCA, S-Video, SCART & VGA for universal video compatibility
    • 100V/240V and NTSC-PAL compatible for use worldwide

    Vocopro DVX-890K $199.00 ( free shipping in Continental USA )
    or call toll free 1-888-9527265 ( US only ) or 310-5441828 to order