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OnStage ET28KH Let's Karaoke System

Enter-Tech OnStage ET28KH HINDI VERSION Let's Karaoke System

1805 HINDI (1509 Hindi, 98 Punjabi, 198 Marathi)(see songs here)
 2001 English songs(see songs here)
EnterTech presents the brand new  model OnStage ET-28KH with over 3806 built-in Hindi/English songs. This system comes with 2 wireless microphones and a main station that holds up to 3 song chips! It has both HDMI and RCA Audio/Video outputs.  It has a USB memory reader so you can use ANY USB drive to act as your Karaoke iPod! Download karaoke music, movies, and photos onto your USB drive from Interent ( like Youtube) , or your own CDG's,  DVD's, insert the USB drive on the back port of the unit, and watch your downloads pop up on the screen! You need only to connect the main station to your TV or entertainment system and power and you're ready to go.

Product Details:
OnStage Let's Karaoke system brings families and friends together. With over 20 years of
experience in the design and manufacturing of Karaoke systems, Enter-Tech provides the most advanced Karaoke system in the world. With its intuitive user interface and simple design, users can easily customize Melody, Tone, Echo, Tempo and other functions to produce the best singing performance.

The system can display musical notes on your TV while the music plays. This feature allows you to play along to the music with your favorite instrument. You may also customize the back ground by adding your own pictures with the included USB memory key. You can even record your own performance!

With the two wireless microphones (included), your friends and family can join in for hours of fun.

Simple Operation:
The OnStage Let's Karaoke machine was designed for everyone who wants to have great fun, without spending too much time learning the system. With the included HDMI cable, just plug it into your TV and enjoy! More than 3806 popular songs are included in the machine. The wireless microphones have a key-pad that contains numbers and function keys for quick song selection and adjustment of the music.

Intelli-Scoring and Smart-Echo System:
OnStage Let?s Karaoke has a built-in Intelli-Scoring system that scores your singing in real-time. Have your own singing contest with your friends and family. This system also includes the Smart-Echo feature, which provides an echo when you sing to the music, but turns off when the music is off.

Record Your Singing:
OnStage Let's Karaoke allows users to record their own performance for immediate replay, or store it into USB for replaying on other musical devices.

  • 2 wireless microphones are included
  • 1805 Hindi/2001 English songs are built into the device.
  • More songs can be downloaded from Internet ( like YOUTUBE to AVI files or other karaoke song sites) to your USB Memory
  • Adjustable Melody, Tone, Echo, Tempo and other Karaoke functions
  • Dynamic Musical Note display
  • Real-time scoring system
  • Record own songs for replay or share with other devices
  • Selectable HDMI/Composite Video Out and customizable background pictures.
  • Reserve up to 100 favorite songs
  • Changeable Melody instrument
  • A-B repeat function
  • USB memory support
  • Jump (Prelude and Interlude)
  • Auto power off
  • Quiet mode
  • Lyrics on/off
  • Wireless Mic. Bandwidth: 2.4 GHz
  • Display resolution: 1080 x 720(HD), 720 x 480(SD)
  • Power Supply: AC Adaptor (DC 9V/1.5A)
  • Mic Type: Two Digital Wireless Microphones
  • Package Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Package Size: 12.5? W x 18.8? D x 7.08? H

Includes items:

Free shipping in USA 50 States ( UPS Ground 1 to 5 business days / Priority Mail to HI and AK )
for orders over $99.00

Entertech ET-28KH-Hindi -Duet Pack: =SOLD OUT
Includes 2 ET-28KH HINDI Wireless Magic Sing Mics with 1805 Hindi/2001 English songs and the accessories

Please call toll free ( in US ) 1-888-9527265 or 310-5441828 if you need a fast shipping service ( NEXT DAY, 2nd Day , 3rd day )

Song Chips for ET28KH    

click here for Hindi Chips

Tagalog 3 (963 songs) $99
Tagalog 4 ( 881 songs )  $99
Tagalog 5 (500 songs) $99
Tagalog 6 ( 500 songs ) $99
Tagalog 7 (520 songs ) $99
Tagalog 8 
(460 songs) $99
Tagalog 9 (300 songs) $99 
Tagalog STAR (300 songs) $99 
Tagalog 11 ( 200 songs ) $99
Tagalog 12
( 200 songs ) $99
Tagalog 13 Chip ( 200 songs ) $99
Tagalog 14 Chip (200 songs ) $99
POP COUNTRY ROCK # 20  ( 200 songs ) $99
POP COUNTRY ROCK #21( 200 songs ) $99
POP COUNTRY ROCK #22 ( 200 songs ) $99
POP COUNTRY ROCK # 23 ( 200 songs ) $99
POP COUNTRY ROCK #24 ( 200 songs ) $99
POP COUNTRY ROCK #25 ( 200 songs ) $99
POP705 (705 songs ) $99
MPOP1 Chip (400 songs) $99
MPOP2 Chip (400 songs) $99
  MPOP 3 Chip (400 songs) $99
Love Song ( 428 songs ) $99
Spanish Chip (1573 songs ) $99
Spanish  #5 $99
Spanish #6 $99
Spanish #7 Chip  $99
Marichi chip $99

Spanish #9 Chip 
Spanish #10 Chip  $99
Spanish LT-6 Chip 
Spanish LT-7
Chip  $99
Spanish LT-8

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